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Subject: Funny
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zahid5 20.11.10 - 06:31am
Don't give Importance 2 MONEY. Bcoz it Can giv Bed but nt SLEEP,Books but nt BRAINS,Cloth bt not BEAUTY, Luxuries bt not HAPPINES.So transfr it to Me *

zahid5 20.11.10 - 06:38am
God made man and then rested. God made women and then no one reste *

zahid5 20.11.10 - 06:45am
Why were males created before females? Cos you always need a rough draft before the final copy. *

eagle02 20.11.10 - 08:49am
I dont agree with your second joke.its a lie@zahid5 *

zahid5 20.11.10 - 10:07am
It is a joke! *

igwenze 20.11.10 - 02:01pm
2thumbsup.GIF ...... zahid *

portiap 14.09.11 - 10:34am
let me tell u a story...1 day god said 2 mary 'ill myk u a man in 1 condition...u got 2 myk him bliv he ws created first *

igwenze 18.09.11 - 11:26am
Plz prevent uaself nd ua spouse 4rm diabetes.A couple married 4 20yrz were both recently diagnosed wit diabetes.Research revealed dat both contacted d disease as a result of name dey called each other.names like honey,sweetie,sugar,sweethrt,honeypie etc.

therefore,prevent early diabetes by callin ua spouse names like. Bitterleaf,Alomo bitter,Dogo yaro,kai kai,small stout. Etc. U fit add ua own too. *

igwenze 18.09.11 - 11:27am
A 12yrz old boi ws accused of rape in d court. His lady lawyer holds his pen+is sayin Ua honour,can this rape?? :...D boi whispers,don't shake it ooO!, we will lose d CASE. *

igwenze 18.09.11 - 11:28am
2thumbsup.GIF fellas *

igwenze 30.10.11 - 09:34am
7months old twin babies in d womb saw a pen-is comin 2wards dem.D 1st baby said see,daddy is comin insyd 2 say hello .. D 2nd baby said fool!! Its uncle... cos, Daddy neva comez insyd witout a Raincoat *

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